Vulcano Crater.
For our guests who prefer  outdoor activities, in close contact with nature and in total autonomy, we will recommend some easy or medium difficulty routes such as slow trekking on the Gran Cratere di Vulcano followed by a thermal bath in the natural sulphurous area adjacent to the Levante port of Vulcano Island.

A unique experience in the world lived freely and without guides.
Departure from Lipari by private taxi transfer boat from the port of Marina Corta to the port of Ponente di Vulcano, boats with few places and well spaced.
Departure time recommended at 10 and return at 18


Stromboli Observatory.
The island of Stromboli in this season is a place that preserves its uncontaminated nature also in periods of high season giving visitors its maximum natural beauty.

A route that will advise you will be the slow trekking that you come from the landing of Stromboli up to the observation point called Observatory at an altitude of 290 meters above sea level where there is a contact with the famous Sciara del Fuoco, the stromboli side on which, in the effusive activities carried out lapillo-pyroclastic material is spilled.
A unique experience in the world lived freely and without a guide.